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Simple Sands Deli


  Had Simple Sands subs delivered to my pool today and was pleased once again. The sandwiches were delivered within a half an hour and once again were ridiculously good. Don’t miss this place you will regret it. Right past the rt 10 exit on rt 2 next to the lowest price gas place. 10/10 for sandwiches. I have not ... Read More »

Attman’s Deli


  It is very unusual for me to do a review that is more than a 15 minute drive from Severna Park but I am compelled to give accolades to Attman’s Deli which has had a location in Baltimore since 1915 and a new location in Potomac which is where I happened to be at lunch time. I drove by ... Read More »

Safeway at Benfield Deli


  I have grabbed a sandwich from this deli 8-10 times and although I have never received my food in under 3 minutes (which supposedly makes it free) it was never as bad as this time. It took me 15 minutes to get my sandwich and there was no one else in line. Unfortunately there was one elderly lady working ... Read More »