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    Buyers Beware !!! I very rarely find a local company that I am absolutely forced into giving a negative review, but I cannot stand to be lied to and cheated. This is bad business all the way around. Someone asked me if I could fix their laptop so I took a look at ...

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Buyers Beware !!!
I very rarely find a local company that I am absolutely forced into giving a negative review, but I cannot stand to be lied to and cheated. This is bad business all the way around.

Someone asked me if I could fix their laptop so I took a look at it and it was over my head. I have a few friends that are in I.T. but instead of using a favor I decided to drop it off and have PC Repair on Benfield Rd. take a look at it. It was $75 for an estimate which I thought was a little high but they said it would go towards the repair so I left it with them. I called back a few days later to see if they had figured out a solution and was told they could not power it on because the AC adapter pin was broken and it would take another $60 just to see if they could figure out what the problem could be and they said I would be better off buying a new computer. Why they couldn’t put a fresh battery in it to test it is beyond me.They said they would save all my data and to let them know what I wanted to do.The person who owned the computer had another laptop they wanted the 90 GB of data transferred to. I stopped by the shop to drop off the laptop and there was a sign on the door. “We have moved.” I found it strange that they would not contact the people who’s property they had to let them know they were moving. It’s not like they had 100′s of computers they were working on, it was more like 10 or so. It was another week or two before I was able to get to the new location due to my schedule. I arrived there on Friday and young kid looked it up in the computer and told me all the data had been erased and the computer had been “recycled” and unfortunately had no way to get it back. I was in disbelief. I let him know this had 5 years of work and irreplaceable family photos of the person that asked me to look at their computer for them. All he could say is that he was sorry. I made the call to let the owner of the computer what had happened. He called the store extremely upset and made them angry enough that they had someone pose as a police officer and call him back. I told him not to call anymore and that I would try to reach the owner. I even had a mutual social media friend try to message him to have him call me to see what could be done. I never got a call. I called back Monday to the person who had worked on the computer (John Midkiff) and he said he magically found the data and it was a misunderstanding. He also said he had tracked down the computer and that it was in the Pasadena store and was waiting for someone to bring it over and that I could pick it up the same time as the new laptop with all the data restored from old laptop. He called back the next day and said the computer was done but the laptop had already been “recycled” and there was no way to get it back. These were all just a series of lies. Again I asked that the owner (Ken Rimorin) give me a call to discuss the issue. He never called so I figured I would search the ripoff sites to see if this had happened to anyone else.

This is what I found:

(Ken Rimorin is an owner of PC Repair along with John Midkiff and is a seller on eBay where he is a DIRTY DEALER who rips offer his customers under the username kenrim11.

He recently sold a defective Linksys router without its essential CD and when asked for a refund berated his buyer with routs about not knowing how to download the installation software from Linksys and knowing the passwords which was unreasonable. He refused to refund the shipping charges or provide a return label as it customary when the product is defective. When advised that after downloading the software and finding that the router would not install because it was truly defective he sent the buyer this response calling the buyer a “scumball.” Ken should have his mouth washed out with soap. You should not deal with him. If you bring your computer into his repair shop, PC Repair and you have an issue over overcharge you might find that he refuses to give you your computer back unless you pay him what he demands in ripping you off).

This was hard for me to believe but low and behold, I looked him up on ebay and there was the computer he supposedly “recycled”. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-PAVILION-DV5-1125NR-FOR-PARTS-OR-REPAIR-/191208387812?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item2c84e874e4 .They have over 200 items on ebay right now. How many are yours? These guys are making a fortune charging to give an estimate, telling you it’s not worth fixing, then selling it on ebay. In my opinion this is fraud and I will be filing a complaint. They probably make more money on ebay than they do fixing computers. If the owners are reading this,taking it off of ebay now will do you no good, screen shots have already been taken.

The kicker is that even though they screwed up majorly they made me pay $35 for the data transfer or would not return the new laptop.

If you decide to go to PC Repair for an estimate, you might as well tape $50 to it (they lowered their prices in the last couple weeks) and throw it in the dumpster. I paid a total of $110 for them to transfer data and sell a computer on ebay for a profit! Stay far away from PC Repair!




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