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The Szechuan Inn (new owners)


  Interested in how much the new owners had done to change the Szechuan Inn, I stopped in for a lunch meeting. The tranformation was amazing. If you were blindfolded and went in you would never realize this was the same place. Everything brand new including fish tanks and sushi bars. It is all much more open and inviting. We ... Read More »

PF Changs


  I passed by PF Changs on my way to an appointment and had it on my mind for an hour so I decided to stop on my way back. Usually I need to park in the garage but in the middle of lunch hour I was able to park in the small lot behind the restaurant. When they first ... Read More »

House of Hunan II


  I have probably driven by here many times without giving this place a second thought. Not being in the mood for Subway or Pizza Hut and not having the time for Broadneck Grill (which I love) we decided to check out the takeout/restaurant Chinese place for lunch. It was noon and there was only one other table of people ... Read More »

Szechuan Inn-REOPENED


  I will be the first to admit I have a hard time telling the difference in Chinese food from place to place but I do know a good deal when I get one. For lunch there is about 20 different meals to choose from for $7.50. This includes chips,soup,spring roll,fried rice and meal. Sommai is always very nice and ... Read More »

Life Pho


  It had been years since I had Vietnamese food and since Mi Pueblo II does not open until the 21st we decided to check out the new restaurant Life Pho that opened in the beginning of July. As far as restaurants go it is fairly small but plenty of room for the dinner crowd they had.(9 of the 12 ... Read More »